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Product List
Armour Vienna Chicken Sausage 4.6oz
UPC 054100179906
ITEM NO. 6168
Armour Vienna Sausage Original 4.6oz
UPC 054100925022
ITEM NO. 3412
Chicken Of The Sea Chunk White Albacore in Water 5oz
UPC 048000033550
ITEM NO. 1944
Chicken Of The Sea Light Tuna in Water 5oz - WIC
UPC 048000002457
ITEM NO. 253
Chicken Of The Sea Pink Salmon 5oz
UPC 048000000866
ITEM NO. 7051
Chicken Of The Sea Sardines In Mustard Sauce 3.75oz
UPC 048000007087
ITEM NO. 8868
Chicken Of The Sea Sardines In Oil Lightly Smoked 3.75oz
UPC 048000007063
ITEM NO. 8862
Chicken Of The Sea Sardines In Water 3.75oz
UPC 048000007070
ITEM NO. 8861
Chicken Of The Sea Tuna in Oil 5oz - WIC
UPC 048000001955
ITEM NO. 252
Dolores Atun Chipotle 5oz
UPC 016101000627
ITEM NO. 3679
Dolores Atun en Agua 10oz
UPC 016101000764
ITEM NO. 745
Dolores Atun A La Mexicana 5oz
UPC 016101000634
ITEM NO. 3681
Dolores Atun Aceite Vegetal 10oz
UPC 016101000740
ITEM NO. 744
Dolores Atun Con Jalapeno 10oz
UPC 016101100433
ITEM NO. 11433
Dolores Atun Con Jalapeno 5oz
UPC 016101000702
ITEM NO. 3680
Dolores Atun Con Verduras 10oz
UPC 016101100358
ITEM NO. 1726
Dolores Atun Con Verduras 5oz
UPC 016101000603
ITEM NO. 4941
Dolores Atun en Agua 5oz - WIC
UPC 016101000597
ITEM NO. 1691
Dolores Atun Veg Oil 5oz - WIC
UPC 016101000580
ITEM NO. 1690
Dolores Atun With Pickled Vegetables 5oz
UPC 016101000610
ITEM NO. 5325
Dolores Sardines in Tomato Sauce 15oz
UPC 016101100372
ITEM NO. 3039
Dolores Tuna In Olive Oil Pouch 2.6oz
UPC 016101001020
ITEM NO. 13268
Dolores Tuna In Water Pouch 2.6oz
UPC 016101000993
ITEM NO. 13266
Dolores Tuna Sandwich Style w/Mayo & Jalapenos Pouch 2.6oz
UPC 016101001013
ITEM NO. 13267
Dolores Tuna w/Vegetables Pouch 2.6oz
UPC 016101001006
ITEM NO. 13274
La Sirena Sardines en Salsa de Tomate Picante 15oz
UPC 028571000601
ITEM NO. 11104
Prairie Belt Smoked Sausages 4.6oz
UPC 041358350416
ITEM NO. 6224
Prairie Belt Smoked Sausages 9.5oz
UPC 053400350107
ITEM NO. 9386
Rica Rondo Chunk Light Tuna in Vegitable Oil 5oz
UPC 649509000168
ITEM NO. 12099
Rica Rondo Chunk Light Tuna in Water 5oz
UPC 649509000151
ITEM NO. 12098
Rica Rondo Solid Light Tuna in Vegitable Oil 5oz*
UPC 649509000144
ITEM NO. 12097
Rica Rondo Solid Light Tuna in Water 5oz
UPC 649509000137
ITEM NO. 12096
Spam Canned Meat (25% less Sodium) 12oz
UPC 037600115445
ITEM NO. 3409
StarKist Chunk White Albacore Tuna in Water 5oz
UPC 08067104
ITEM NO. 13104
StarKist Tuna In Vegetable Oil 5oz - WIC
UPC 08067405
ITEM NO. 290
StarKist Tuna In Water 5oz - WIC
UPC 08067308
ITEM NO. 291
Tuny Chunk Light Tuna In Water 5oz
UPC 722596000034
ITEM NO. 9534
Tuny Jumbo Tuna In Oil 10.4oz
UPC 722596000225
ITEM NO. 3807
Tuny Jumbo Tuna In Water 10.4oz
UPC 722596000218
ITEM NO. 3808
Tuny Tuna In Oil 5oz
UPC 722596000041
ITEM NO. 7699
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